The Never Ending Line I and II

Kolams are ephemeral drawings usually made by women in front of the threshold of a home in order to welcome guests and good fortune. A kolam consists of a grid of dots around which a single line is drawn. The line starts at one end, loops around the dots sinuously and connects back to the starting point after innumerable turns and bends. These patterns are often challenging and confusing and require great concentration. Patterns are handed down from one generation to the other. They signify unity and harmony in all of creation. In this work, I used a video recording of a woman making a kolam but edited it in a way that suggests a never ending line- a continuum that is cyclical and inherent both in the looping line and the looping video. The mathematical complexity that is present in the process and the feeling of disorientation in a field of dots and lines is enhanced by the multiplication through mirroring. I remember making these with my grandmother and getting lost and disoriented- much like who I feel sometimes in a new place.