Artist Statement

I often feel like I am a porous membrane through which experiences are filtered, absorbed and digested. I approach my practice as a process of sifting and communicating sensations and ideas with varied materials and processes. Conceptually driven and thematic, my work is a response to lived experiences that are distilled and strengthened by research in the studio and through reading. 

Liminal concepts like memory and perception of time and space have always been a consistent presence in my work. However, recently my work has become a response to the polarized political climate filled with xenophobia and racism. I am compelled to examine how I fit into this American landscape and express an anxiety for my children and the future. Living in the Midwest as a transplanted individual, I feel a new urgency to articulate and facilitate moments of connections and empathy through making and showing. I examine notions of costume, identity, place, boundary and belonging through material explorations in the studio and performative collaborations with other artists and the larger community.